Global warming begets more,
18 Aug 2021 10:10 AM

It is increasingly clear that the prolonged drought conditions, record-breaking heat, sustained wildfires, and frequent, more extreme storms experienced in recent years are a direct result of rising global temperatures brought on by humans addition of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. And a new MIT study on extreme climate events in Earths ancient history suggests that todays planet may become more volatile as it continues to warm.

International Conference (Internet & Children)
12 Jan 2021 03:00 PM

The Internet is an increasing part of today's culture, especially for children and youth, for whom schoolwork, online gaming, and social networking are among the most popular activities. However, the lack of common agreement about the right approach to educating and protecting children adds further challenges to a child's online experience and expression. It appears that getting agreement on what defines a person as a child is one of the largest obstacles to achieving effective child protection. Children's ability to access the Internet has grown rapidly, and most young people frequently access the Internet. The purpose of this webinar is to have a discourse on how to motivate young minds use the content available on internet in their daily life along with their studies for a positive outcome.


SPIRITUALITY IN MODERN BUSINESS, Author :Dr. Manas Ranjan Misra & Dr. Yajnya Dutta Nayak,
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In today s world spirituality has revolutionalised in the paradigms of new line human resource development in corporate sector. It has given rise to new line concept workplace spirituality. It is a young area, with potentially strong new line relevance to the well being of individuals and organizations in a globalizing new line system. New line Several studies have observed that the workplace environment is new line polluted with pessimistic tendencies such as distrust, jealous, hatred, greed, new line unhealthy competition, and so on. This situation has lead to erosion of values in new line corporate. The time is now ripe to think of those spiritual attributes as a tailor new line made instrument to improve the qualitative output of an individual and new line corporate. A spiritual input enhances the understanding and improves the new line quality of an individual in terms of behaviour, attitude, character, new line understanding and so on. New line, here the behavioural aspects of human resource development have to be new line transformed through spiritual approach. The essence of the study is on the new line impact of workplace spirituality on an organization. The detailed theoretical new line and analytical discussion has made it clear that spiritual aspects should be new line integrated with human resource development strategies. There are various new line methods of doing it and they can be broadly categorized into direct and indirect new line methods. And corporate are practicing both the methods for embedding new line spiritual aspects in human resource development. This book has been proved that spiritual practices have got an impact on new line behavioural aspects of an individual such as personality development. The present book uses specific approaches to help academicians, entrepreneurs & industrialists & enhance their capabilities as green corporate social responsibility. .... First Edition 2021, ISBN :978-93-91196-01-1
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The Centre will launch a series of initiatives this week towards implementation of the National Education Policy, which was announced last year. The steps planned include bringing in technical courses in regional languages in the first year across several institutes, rolling out the multiple entry/exit format for courses in the Institutes of Eminence and setting up the Academic Board of Credit that will enable students to study courses and earn credits across institutes.
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Prof. Deepak Babu & Dr. Yajnya Dutta Nayak have published a e-Book on "PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND FINANCING", First Edition 2021 ISBN : 978-93-91196-09-7 . LIISPRING BERHAMPUR, ODISHA, INDIA
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IESRF is coming with a three days Editors Workshop in which Emphasis on the Editorial Process, Ethics, Guidelines, Role and Responsibilities are covered. E-Certificate Provided. Registration is Free for Members. Dates “27 Friday, 28 Saturday, 29 Sunday, August For registration, please go through
International Entrepreneurship and Social Sciences Congress
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International Entrepreneurship and Social Sciences Congress" will be organized on 16-18 September 2021 in collaboration with Varna Free University in Bulgaria, International Gorjde University, University of Prizren, CEOTEKMER, ?stanbul Kent University, International Vision University, Cyprus West University, Dilkur Academy, Suffolk University, Abant Izzet Baysal University, Central Asian American University and Yessenov University. The language of congress are English & Turkish. Academics and entrepreneurs from Turkey, N.Macedonia, Canada, Quatar, UK, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Romania, Bangladesh, UAE, TRNC and other countries will attend the congress. The congress will take place on Varna (Bulgaria) and there is possible as an online presentation. To attend the congress, an extended abstract of 4-8 pages should be submitted. Deadline is 15 August 2021.