About Us

liispring is a leading global scientific, management, social science, engineering, technical and medical research environment, providing researchers in academia, socio cultural, scientific institutions and Industrial R & D departments with quality content through innovative information, knowledge, products and research based academic services.

liispring facilitates students, academicians and researchers to make new innovations in research and development. we collaborate with their institutions and provide them the knowledge base they need to find both academic and financial support. We help government, non- government educational institutions and universities to assess and improve their academic research strategies. We help doctors, engineers, academicians, managers to update their knowledge, providing information to find the right answers at right time and we support all professionals throughout their careers. Our research wing is publishing article, journals, books and e-modules. Besides, liispring also offers many other academic opportunities for students, researchers and academicians. Our goal is to expand the boundaries of knowledge for the benefit of humanity.

lispring is a service provider that provides access to quality controlled articles and Journals. The Directory with indexing of articles, journal and books aim to be comprehensive and cover all social science, management, scientific and scholarly journals, articles that use an appropriate quality control system, and it will not be limited to particular languages or subject areas.